Colonial Stone

Fieldstone & Colonial Walls

It’s April and our customers have been very busy buying and building dry-stack stone walls for their home garden projects. Dry-stack walls are an easy and inexpensive way to raise up a garden bed, build a natural looking border, or to hide undesirable looking areas around the house.

Some tips for installing a dry stack wall-

  1. Dig down 3″ to 5″ where the base of your wall will be, and level the dirt with a tamper
  2. Set a level stringline for the height of your wall
  3. Lay heavier, but somewhat flat stones as the base layer
  4. For every two pieces laid, try to span the top of them with another piece set in the middle (like bricks). This will produce a more structurally sound wall
  5. Use uneven or odd shaped stones in the middle of the wall. Use small “chinkers” to make the uneven stones level.
  6. Save your nicest flat pieces to cap the top of your wall off

A single pallet of Pa. Fieldstone or colonial stone will yield a wall approximately 12″ high by 12″ wide, and roughly 30 lineal feet long.

The below pictures are scanned photos from almost 20 years ago. They are from two separate jobs installed by the same person which turned out quite nicely.