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New Pool & Spa Coping Page on Website

New for 2017, please check out our Pool & Spa Coping page just added to the site. We will be adding more pictures in the coming weeks. Feel free to email us any pictures you would like to share.

Take a look- https://staging.robinsonflagstone.com/pa-flagstones/pool-spa-coping/

Pool and Spa COping

Curved Coping and Full Color Pool Deck

Blue/ Gray Thermal Job in Baton Rouge, La


Below are pictures of a recent job at a private residence that just wrapped up in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The landscape architect’s specifications called for 1″ thick thermal bluestone paving to be used for the walkways and pool deck, and 2″ thick thermal bluestone treads for the pool coping, planter caps , and steps. We provided our customer with a custom setting sketch which illustrated the location of each piece of stone to assist with the setting process.  This was the first of a hand-full of jobs we supplied to in Baton Rouge.